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Business Office Contact Info
708 Middle Road
Acushnet, MA 02743
Phone: 508-998-0261

Kristin Flynn- Business Manager

Sandra Raposo- Senior Accounting Clerk

Nancy Ashley- Account Clerk
Fax: 508-998-0262

Business Manager:  Kristin Flynn

over 3 years ago

The business manager is the district administrator who is responsible for all fiscal matters of the school district. Her tasks include preparation of the annual budget, purchasing, payroll, fiscal management, facilities, and preparation of reports as required by the School Committee, Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. She is also the person who holds the responsibility for paying all bills and supervises the school lunch program and student transportation services.

Senior Accounting Clerk: Sandy Raposo

over 3 years ago

The senior accounting clerk prepares the payroll for all employees and substitutes. The clerk calculates summer salaries and escrows. She processes accounts payable and verifies theinvoices with the originial purchase orders. She submits information monthly to the Massachusetts Teacher Retirement Board and also completes paperwork for new and retiring employees. She maintains the Sick Bank and maintains a register of staff attendance, including sick days, personal days, vacation days, and conference/other days.

Account Clerk: Nancy Ashley

over 3 years ago

The account clerk maintains all records, deposits, and accounts payable associated with school lunch, state and federal grants, and special fund accounts for each school. She issues work permits and schedules the use of buildings after normal school hours. She also acts as a receptionist.